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Finance Solutions - Clean Air

Finance Solutions assuring the safe return to the workplace with Pro-Tect clean air technology Based in Lucan, Co. Dublin, Finance Solutions are one of Irelands leading Mortgage Brokers & have been recently named LPI Mortgage Broker of the Year in both 2018 & 2019.

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Protect your love ones with pure clean air

Our Award Winning Air Purifiers are Medical-Grade, independently tested and proven to clean the air in indoor environments. A small investment in 💨 Pure Clean Air 💨 now will help to protect the health and wellbeing of everyone and help to keep your business open. To protect the children and staff in your childcare facility and reduce absenteeism.

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No business can afford this

There has been a significant increase in Covid cases since St Patrick's Day. A top epidemiologist has issued a stern warning that a new variant of Covid-19 is one of most infectious diseases the world has ever seen.

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Award winning air cleaning technology

Breathing is fundamental to life and breathing in Clean Air is fundamental to good health.‍ As we breathe in, oxygen enters the lungs and diffuses into the blood. It is taken to the heart and pumped into every cell in our body so the quality of the air that we breath in everyday matters. That's why we are passionate to providing Clean Air to everyone.

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How you can you improve you indoor air quality ?

A small investment in Pure Clean Air now will help to protect the health and wellbeing of all building occupants helping to protect them and keep your business open.

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