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Clean Air Indoors will soon be compulsory

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) of Ireland has published a new Code of Practice on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) - All places of employment must adhere to new code of practice to be signed into law in 2023. Summary Requirements/Obligations: - Legal duty to provide safe workplace for staff with focus on airborne disease transmission - Risk of criminal prosecution for poor IAQ - New code of practice following 17 year old regulations - All workplaces, schools, nursing homes etc are effected

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Pure Clean Air for The View

Congratulations to our client The View on their 2nd birthday. The View, is a coworking space that offers private offices,dedicated desks and flexi desks & they have taken the extra step to provide Safe Clean Air for all their clientsin the shared office space in their building in Malahide, by acquiring our Air purifier system.

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We now have 1,000+ Followers

Pro-Tect have reached another milestone. We now have 1,000 plus Followers of our Company LinkedIn Page.

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COVID-19: Cleaning the air in offices, school and hospitals key to fighting coronavirus in future

Scientists studying Covid-19 agree that catching the virus outside is much more difficult than indoors. The virus is typically spread when tiny particles from an infected person are transmitted to another, but that becomes harder in outdoor settings.

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