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Why Choose a UV Solution ?

UV-C lighting is a known disinfectant for air, water and non-porous surfaces. It has effectively been used for decades to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. For this reason, UV-C lamps are often called "germicidal" lamps.

What is UV Light? 

UV-C from 200 to 280nm

For disinfection purposes and germicidal application.

UV-B from 280 to 315nm

For medical use (i.e. phototherapy to treat skin conditions, including psoriasis)

UV-A from 315 to 400nm

For us with curing, suntanning and insect traps

How Does it Work ? 

UV-C lighting can break the DNA and RNA of viruses, bacteria and spores, meaning that they leave them harmless. There are no known micro-organisms resistant to UV-C. This technology has been used safely and effectively in hospitals and government buildings for nearly 50 years.

How Our Purifiers Clean Your Air ? 

1. Pre-Filter

Ambient air travels through the system, entering a pre-filter, which traps larger particles and dust.

The pre-filter is easy to remove from the air purifier to clean and does not have to be changed.

2. Fan

A powerful fan forces the air into a HEPA 13 filter below.

The fan is a key component of the design. An extremely high static air pressure is created in the cylinder as a result of the fan, maximizing use of the high quality HEPA filter.

3. HEPA 13 Filter

As particles impact the HEPA 13 filter, a barricade is created that prevents the escape of viruses, bacteria and
other airborne microorganisms.

The continued air flow keeps the microorganisms fixed to the filter surface.

4. UV-C Light

The UV-C lamp placed in the center of the unit continuously illuminates the entire filter surface, thereby disinfecting it by destroying the DNA in the viruses, bacteria etc.

Destruction on the filter surface further reduces the potential for contact with hazardous material during the filter change.

5. Purification

Pure clean disinfected air leaves the unit.