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The Technology

MedicAir® offers a unique solution for purification and filtration of air, improving air quality by reducing the incidence of suspended viruses, bacteria and numerous other harmful contaminants commonly found throughout indoor air.

Introduced to the market over 5 years ago the MedicAir® unit utilises a custom engineered five-stage air purification process. The anti-bacterial coated HEPA-13 filter has a market leading 6.7m2 surface area and filters out 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3microns, whilst our activated carbon layer removes harmful chemicals and odours, before our 24-Watt virus-killing UV-C lamp eliminates viruses and other microscopic contaminants.

Our innovative 'ReAKT' technology system prolongs filter life, and our filters ensure there are no expensive engineer callouts for routine maintenance. Our combination of filters also helps to eliminate odours, formaldehyde, and other volatile organic compounds from the indoor setting, providing an enhanced indoor breathing environment.

Always Connected

Cloud App Protocol

Our solution allows our devices to be controlled and managed across single or multiple locations for
optimal efficacy.