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We have a team on hand to help you whatever your questions might be

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Your Indoor
Air Quality Experts

Our mission is simple – To improve the health and well-being of everybody in indoor environments by providing them with
Pure Clean Air.

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Free Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Pro-Tect take immense pride in delivering air purification solutions to our esteemed clients across various workplace sectors. As a testament to our commitment to your well-being, we invite you to take advantage of our complimentary on-site Indoor Air Quality Assessment.

Our team of expert Air-Quality Consultants will evaluate your current air quality status. Following this comprehensive analysis, we will present you with a detailed IAQA report, offering valuable insights into the existing air quality conditions and identifying potential areas for improvement

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New Code of Practice for Indoor Air Quality from HSA (IE)

The new HSA Code of Practice establishes additional protections for workplace indoor air quality and sets out a minimum safety standard for indoor air quality in commercial settings.

It provides practical guidance on how employers under the new legislation must ensure sufficient fresh air is provided in enclosed places of work.

We are here to help you fulfil your responsibility to your employees and buildings occupants and comply with statutory guidance.

Read HSA Code of Practice

The Technology

Our Air Purifiers use Medical Grade Technology that is independently tested and verified.  Our technology has been used in hospitals and medical facilities for many years.  These facilities require a much higher standard of clean air than most indoor environments. 

Our Air Purifiers also use a combination of high grade H13/14 HEPA Filters to trap & kill 99.97% of all airborne contaminants.  Once any airborne contaminants are trapped within the filter they are subsequently exposed to UV Lighting which is proven to destroy them.  The result is the release of pure clean air in your indoor environment.  To be effective an Air Purifier must be capable of cleaning the volume of air in a given space. 

The more air that circulates within an indoor space the cleaner the air will be in that space.  As a general rule the air in a space should be cleaned and recirculated at least once every hour.  This rule may change depending on the purpose of the room and the number of people using the space on a regular basis.  Our specialist can discuss all this with you.  

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Who we work with ? 

The effectiveness of an air cleaner will very quickly diminish if it's inadequate for the task. In certain areas, it is essential that an air-cleaning device is capable of handling the correct airflow volumes. Ultimately, the more air circulations each hour, the safer the room will be.

To calculate the correct Air Purifier from the wide range offered by Pro-Tect in a standard room, we apply the basic rule that the entire space has to be refreshed at least once per hour if not multiple times depending on the application.

The Technology

Our Range

We are 100% Irish owned and are one of Ireland’s leading providers of Air Disinfection Purifiers having already provided to clients in multiple sectors nationwide.

We have a nationwide team of air purification specialists. We can provide you with a dedicated specialist who will provide you with a free audit of your indoor environment, answer any questions you may have and provide you with technical expertise and a tailored HEPA 13 & UV-C Air Purifier solution for your specific needs.   

Your specialist will set up your Air Disinfection Purifiers for you in the best configuration to maximize air filtration in your facility and calibrate your Air Purifiers to continuously monitor your air quality and provide the option of centralised control and monitoring of your air.

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How it works 

Step 1

Plug it in

Simply take the unit out of the box and plug it in.

Step 2

Power Up

Intuitive LED screen makes MedicAir easy to use

Step 3

Sit Back

ReAKT mode automatically adjusts to your air quality

Clean Air Partnership Continues To Grow

As Pro-Tect are Shelbourne Football Club official clean air partner, MedicAir are now the official clean air partner for the Northampton Saints. The club first approached MedicAir in 2022 to help address poor indoor air quality having been impressed with the company’s credentials and the quality of their unique air purification technology.

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Pro-Tect have been providing
SAFE CLEAN AIR solutions to
many of our customers to safeguard themselves no matter what their indoor environment using Medical-grade air purifiers

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