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Portable Air Purifiers Enhance Ventilation

May 15, 2022

Experts say research shows enhanced indoor ventilation via filters and portable air purifiers can help reduce virus transmission in indoor public spaces.
In a recent study, researchers from the Well Living Lab simulated a classroom environment. They strategically placed three recirculating portable air filtration units around the room, which also had HVAC. The researchers then used dye-tagged particles and a breathing simulator to test how the aerosols dispersed and deposited. They tested conditions with just the HVAC unit running and with the HVAC running in tandem with the portable units.
They found out that the use of those portable air purification units reduced particle concentration by FIVE TIMES (Zachary Pope, PhD, MS, research  scientist). This effectively  reduces infectious particles in the air. In their simulation, the researchers also placed items commonly used in a classroom,  like desks, a whiteboard, digital tablets, and more—all surfaces that can  potentially become contaminated.
This study clearly demonstrated that portable air purification also reduces the amount of particles that deposit on surfaces like desks and laptops. Pope also  says portable air purifiers are useful for other settings, like offices, cubicles, homes etc. “They’re very cost effective and they’re very  impactful,” he said. The use  of portable air purifiers is especially important in buildings where ventilation systems cannot be upgraded. And even when HVAC systems can be improved, portable units further enhance air circulation and help clean the  air. Adding  portable air purifiers to spaces that already have HVAC systems can significantly enhance air circulation.

Our  state-of-the-art plug in Air Cleaning units incorporate the very latest  technologies using a combination of high grade #HEPA filters and #UVCLight to safely trap and destroy  99.97% of all impurities in the air.

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